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All of the protagonists: your fans, your events and your federation, all in one place.

  • Sports and Leisure.
  • Mementos.
  • Track Goals and Memorabilia.
  • Official Accreditation of experiences.

Everything in Activity Life Passport. Discover a new way to experience sport and leisure.

ALP is an app that tracks your achievements digitally and serves as a tool to manage your events and accredit your participants via digital stamps


Be proud of your accomplishments!

ALP allows you to find, signup and manage your calendar of events. ALP also serves a way to manage your memories digitally in a an easy and intutive user experience

Have permanent and direct connection with your events.

The app is presented in a passport format so that your experiences can be displayed as an accredited stamp validating your participation and results in a race

Collect your Stamps!

The passport format we provide via our app allows you to always have your experiences, accomplishments and goals on hand always

Obtain your digital stamps from your events and acomplishments.

Stamps in your passport are officially recognized by the organizations and federations which organize the events you participate in.

If your proud of your accomplishments, have them on hand always so you can share them from your phone

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As an Organizer

  • Use our app to organize your event, from signup through to publishing of results.
  • Be in direct communication with your participants.
  • Use our platform to help you achieve liquidity and profitability
  • Provide your participants with official accreditation that can carry on their mobile devices.
  • Contact us and we can show you how.

As a federation

  • Advertise and promote your federation and its events by communicating directly with your members.
  • Use our app to organize your events, championships all in one calendar.
  • Manage your clubs and other entities from your mobile device.

About Us

We're entrepreneurs, sport lovers and above all else dreamers. We are united in our passion of living life to the fullest and enjoying our exoeriences

We've identified a new way of living your athletic and leisure experiences and are excited to share it with others. We invite you to join our community and live these experiences together.


Passion for life

“Dream, think, do it, overcome and enjoy the results. I hope you can find the time to relish in your accomplishments and spend time with your family and friends.”


Passion for new challenges

“Look to the future with creativity and enthusiasm, capacity and excellence in the search for new formulas to solve old problems”